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How To Install And Fit A Blind
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How To Install And Fit A Blind

Homeowners enjoy making additions to the decoration of their home. When sprucing up a room to add a little decoration and atmosphere, lots of people will include window blinds. The window blinds provide a beautiful and aesthetic accent to the room.
An appropriate set of the blinds can actually make a dull room come alive and appealing. Blinds are quite simple to change. Moreover, they are economical as well.

As you may already know, there’s different kinds of blinds available in the market, which you can opt for in respect to your room specifications. Your window size and room decor will determine the type of shades you select for your home. There are many different styles of blinds you can choose from.
Upon getting the blinds you like, you need to have a drill so as to attach the brackets of the blind into the wall.
These holes may be made using a joint compound. These compounds are available in different colors and are readily available in local hardware shops. If the hole made is on the wooden surface, then you can select the color that matches it. However, if the hole is on the painted area, you can paint the compound in any color you desire.

While using hard surfaces like brick or brick for installing shutters outside, you need to get tools like hammer drill as well as a concrete masonry bit. Depending on the size of the shutters, you need to measure 3-5 inches wider than the size of a window. It’s done to enable the mounting of brackets that feature the shutters.

Next would be to attach the brackets to the casing of the window. You can also check the shutters and modify the measurements according to your needs based on the variety of shutter you may have. Make sure you check a shutter before creating the hole.

For blinds inside your home, measure the width and height of the window at three different places i.e. top, middle and bottom. Consider the least measurement for the width and height of the blinds you need.


• Remove the window stoppers from the casing once you have purchased your custom sized shades;
• Fix the brackets on the top, side and bottom window casing with the aid of screws. Two (2) – three (3) screws are suggested per bracket;
• Keep the wand on left and lift cord at right, slowly slide in the blind into the bracket that you just fixed;
• After that, place the caps on them.
• Finally, if the blinds are long, remove some slates from the bottom end, and you can get the desired length.
There are some things to need to keep into consideration in the process. These among others may include:
• Check your brackets with a level;
• Examine and measure the level two times and attempt to drill it once;
• Close your bracket covers during work;
• Mark holes with a marker before you drill;

Different shades have different methods to install; you can take the help of professional installation specialist to get them installed but if you want to save your money you can do it yourself.

Now that you’ve finished with the installation, it’s time to enjoy the new look that will make you feel a proud house owner.

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