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Over the years as a marketing consultant I have tried using so many different applications to be able to try and create Facebook cover banners and some of them have looked terrible, UNTIL NOW !!!.

There is nothing worse than showing a client or a friend your Facebook page and the cover banner image is stretched and looks really cheap, but we are going to show you how you can have a professionally designed Facebook cover photo banner in minutes.

In many cases a poor looking Facebook page can really put potential clients off from engaging with you, obviously leading to loss in revenue if your Facebook page is a business page. There is no need to pay a graphic designer money to do this for you when there are free Facebook cover design templates that’s are so simple to us and can be created in a couple of minutes, plus in many cases they would often use a simple method/ design platform like todays video to create the Facebook cover banner for you and charge your hard earned money for the privilege.

Check out our video “How To Design A Facebook Cover Banner FREE” which shows you how simple it is to use an amazing website platform called www.canva.com where you can setup a completely FREE account and design your very own Facebook cover banner or use a professional Facebook cover template. Our video shows you how to setup your free account and how to create Facebook cover photo for your page, we hope this tip helps you out.

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