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How Important Are Google Reviews
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How Important Are Google Reviews

We are often asked How Important Are Google Reviews ? Understanding the importance of consumer feedback for all marketers and company owners is critical. As a result, managing, collecting, and reading reviews should be part of your customer journey.

Google is currently the most rapidly expanding review site, and Google reviews have become more important than ever. Local SEO rankings are influenced by reviews, which are an important component of local search marketing. At the same time, it’s a powerful sales tool to persuade a consumer to buy your goods or service. Customers want to see reviews of the items they search for on Google these days, according to fact. Customers’ reviews are like testimonials for your firm and help to build consumer confidence. According to a research by Bright Local, before a consumer feels comfortable giving her money to a firm, she will typically read ten reviews about it.

Try to find a strategy to highlight and elevate customer reviews in your marketing so that they may have an impact on consumer buying decisions.

The three most common reasons to focus on obtaining more Google reviews:

Ranking on search 

Your Google ranking, in turn, is determined by the effectiveness of your review technique. The more Google reviews you have, the higher your ranking will be in comparison to your competitors on Google. Getting evaluations and responding to them will improve your local search rankings. The more reviews you obtain, the more Google will appreciate you.

A successful feedback loop 

Reviews are an excellent way to improve your customer experience. You’ll be up to speed on what your company is doing correctly and where improvements may be made if you read and submit Google reviews for it.

Make sure you turn negative evaluations into positives when it comes to negative feedback. It is critical to respond to bad reviews courteously and try your hardest to fix the problem. When it comes to customer service, this is your chance to shine. To respond to negative comments is also an excellent method for your business to communicate that you appreciate their feedback and accept responsibility for the issue.

Trust and credibility

Positive reviews increase customers’ trust in your firm. Customer feedback establishes trust and credibility among potential consumers; they are empowering and immediately influence your company’s bottom line. According to a Bright Local poll, over 82 percent of customers read reviews before making a purchase selection, and 52 percent of those aged 18 to 54 always do so.

Customers read favorable reviews, continue to visit the web site, conduct further research, contact the firm, or visit the place. To add to that, 76 percent of consumers trust internet reviews as recommendations from family and friends when making purchase decisions.

Getting reviews isn’t always easy

However, motivating consumers to submit reviews is never simple. However, avoid purchasing or gathering phony evaluations. Google will immediately identify them and not appreciate them. Manage client reviews proactively and continue to operate in accordance with your company’s previous ethical practice of meeting clients in person. You may do so by sending a personalized email or text message following a purchase, adding a link on your website, or advertising for them to leave a Google review through an ad.

Make sure that leaving a review is as simple as possible. This is also part of developing a smooth customer journey, and we all know that having a smooth customer journey is a major competitive edge in today’s digital world.

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