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The Process Of Analyzing Competition For Local SEO
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The Process Of Analyzing Competition For Local SEO

The process of analyzing the competition for local SEO

Here’s how you can standout amongst your local competitors on search engines.

There is a lot of noise when it comes to local SEO.

A to-do list for a strategy may quickly become clogged with activities that don’t consider the overall picture, from the newest industry buzz to the specifics of a website. However, none of these things matter if you don’t take competitors into account.

An analysis of local SEO can reveal the following:

  • Who is at the top of the rankings?
  • Why they’ve been ranked so highly.
  • Who are they trying to reach? Where have they decided to focus their approach?
  • What level of commitment they’ve shown in ranking.
  • When you’re looking to outrank them, where you may be able to do so.


If you understand the effort and technique used by those who achieve high rankings locally, you can succeed in even the most competitive search conditions.

Comparing yourself to your closest competitors is the first step toward improving your business.

Competitors in local SEO need a different strategy than national market competitors. Competitors in national markets target hundreds or thousands of keywords regularly. Local competitors typically concentrate on something between 20 and 100 keywords.

Local SEO targets a smaller, more specific audience than traditional SEO because it is based around a physical location.

Small business, franchises, and tangible products and services all benefit from local SEO. There is no SaaS or cloud-based architecture, nor is there a leading national ecommerce website like with national SEO.

Customers will receive a service or item from a neighborhood dealer, practitioner, or company. Customers may only buy items and services from businesses in their area since they are restricted by the demands of their local population. If a local company offers garage door repair, it is limited to the number of people who require garage door fixing in that region.

Locally SEO is restricted to a physical community, so identifying rivals is simple. Identify 5-10 key words that are essential for the operation of your business and see who ranks first.

While local SEO may seem like a daunting task, it is important to remember that each location presents its own unique set of challenges.

The number of keywords assessed in a local competitive analysis is smaller, yet the effect local search has on these keywords is significant.

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