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If you’re looking for a Bespoke Marketing Agency Sittingbourne or advice on your current marketing, we can help. Do you feel like you’re spending too much money with little to show for it? Big Fish Social Media Marketing Experts and an Online Advertising Consulting Service may be able to assist in turning things around.

When you come to Big Fish Social Media Advertising Consulting, we will take an in-depth look at all of your current advertisements, both online and in print. After assessing where improvements can be made, we will offer tailored recommendations for campaigns that better fit your needs. Clients may save money by eliminating their advertising expenses since they receive unwanted marketing from a certain firm. You may believe you’re spending too much money and not getting enough value, which is frequently the case.

We may also advise you on which marketing strategy is ideal for your needs. There are two sorts of advertising: “Stimulative” and “Directive.”

Local Advertising And Marketing Consultants And Specialists Medway, Maidstone Kent

What Types Of Advertising Are There ?

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Stimulative Advertising: This is where a potential customer is not looking for something at that specific time but comes across your company/ product, e.g. A TV advert is stimulative advertising, let’s say your watching tv and the adverts come on and there is a catchy advert promoting a new chocolate bar. After the advert has finished within seconds, the customer forgets about the advert. But the next time they fill up with petrol, and they go in and pay at the counter they see a promotion for the chocolate bar from the tv advert they had seen on TV. Due to the catchy tv advert, they buy the chocolate bar because they were intrigued. Now, that’s the power of stimulative advertising.

Direct Advertising: Now, this method is far more simple, directive advertising is where a potential customer has a specific need or demand and is looking for a solution to help fix or aid it, e.g. you come home from work and water is leaking out of the ceiling and has flooded the floor. Instantly the customer knows that they need the help of a Plumber. So the customer uses a method of advertising to source a plumber to fix the situation. They may google “plumbers in……” or visit online directories like thomsonlocal.com or Checkatrade.com, or many others. Having an online listing with these particular online directories will put the customer in direct contact with a local plumber simple.

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Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Bespoke Marketing Strategies Sittingbourne

Big Fish Social Media has over 30 years of experience, having worked in this industry and know which type of advertising and what companies work for your specific business.

We can advise and set up a long and short-term advertising strategy accordingly to ensure that your business gets the correct type of coverage to generate the right level of enquiries, with the advertising budget you have available and meet your specific business goals.

If this applies to you, then Big Fish Social Media can help. Why not contact us today or request a call back to enable you to give us full details about your specific requirements. You can also check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

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We treat our clients the same way in which we would like to be treated ourselves

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