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Tik Tok Management Kent

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Tik Tok Management Kent

Tik Tok Management Kent

So if you have landed on this page, you already know the benefits and power of Tik Tok advertising. You have probably already seen how small to medium businesses are now growing and promoting their products, services and the work they are recording via short to medium video clips. The question your probably asking yourself as a small business is how can i jump on board and do this for my business, BUT i need some help.

Big Fish Social Media is proud to be able to guide and assist you in becoming a Tik Tok sensation. Our professional video team are on hand to make your videos look amazing and engaging and help advise on daily trends.

Self Creation Option

Tik Tok Management Service Kent

Tik Tok Video Creation

So, what’s involved? You’re probably asking yourself.

Well, the first step we would advise you to take is to buy a smart phone tripod stand (via Amazon would be quickest way). This will allow you to record the content that needs editing into short to medium video clips.

Our advice is to buy one that can extend in size to around 180cm. This will allow you to record content easily from a distance while you are either recording the work you are doing or standing in front of the camera.

What next ?

Tik Tok Video Creation
Tik Tok Management Service Kent

Professional Creation Option Available

Tik Tok Creation

Tik Tok Management Service Kent

So how often would my videos be posted and do i have to supply my videos or can a professional videographer record the videos for me i hear you ask.

We have a couple of options that you can take advantage of:

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